Frequently Asked Questions

  • What the hell is this?

    Come on. It's a review site for Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Apps.

    We share our experiences so you won't have to go through the same disappointment or waste you money on something we already wasted our dough on.

    On the other hand we won't hesitate to share a really cool App that might make your day just as it made ours.

  • What is an iPad, iPhone or iPod?

    These are contemporary mobile devices designed by Apple.
    For all of them a huge variety of software extensions (called 'Apps') is available through the Apple iTunes App Store.

    iPad, iPhone, iPod and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc.

  • What does 'Intake' stand for?

    The intake will help you to understand how to ingest this App.

    It'll also mention some side effects and explain what kind of precautionary measures you should take before devouring the product.

  • What's the deal with 'Addictivity'?

    This judgement gives information about how likely it is that you can't leave this App alone.

    The higher the addictivity, the more you'll think about the App and the sooner you'll be totally enslaved.
    In one sentence: it's the danger of addiction.

  • What is 'Withdrawal' all about?

    This value indicates how hard it'll be to let go of a certain App.

    It means e.g. how long you could be totally hooked by it and how much fresh dope is in there to make you come back for more.

  • What does 'Intoxication' mean?

    It's basically the flush and the head rush one experiences when consuming the App.

    Usually cool graphics, stunning sound FX and an incredible gameplay will lead to a high rating in this category.

  • Will you say my App is cool if I gave you a lot of money?

    Let's think... Yes.

    But only if it really is a cool App.

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