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Imagine yourself discovering a tightly lashed up package on your front porch. What would you do, if you found a green, frog-like (and incredibly cute) creature inside? Right! You’d feed it with candy!

Sweet Tooth on the Move

Inside the creature’s box there’s always a piece of candy and some ropes hanging around. And it’s your job to route the goody right into the creature’s hungry muzzle. If the candy comes any close to a rope it’ll stick and you can then release the candy by “cutting” these ropes through severing them with a stroke of your finger.

Sometimes you’ll have to swing the treat from rope-to-rope tarzan-style, sometimes you might have to use bubbles and air cushions to move the candy. In every puzzle you’ll usually have to figure out how to use some new kind of crazy equipment or nutty machinery in order to finally hear the creature’s happy smacking.

Sugar and Stars

Of course the creature is not the only critter interested in nibbling some sweets: sometimes there also is cheeky spider hiding inside the box, trying to steal the tidbit from its “true” owner.
Besides, a variety of deadly candy traps endangers the edibility of your bonbons.

But it’s not merely your only task to simply feed the creature. In every box you’ll also find a bunch of yellow stars which are meant to be picked up by touching them with the candy — and that before you can let the creature swallow it down. Collecting these stars will bring you a better score, new achievements and eventually unlock even more levels.


The graphics are neat and the sound effects are a scream. There actually is nothing bad to say about this game. The only annoying thing might be that the background music never changes and very soon becomes some kind of incessant tootling.
The iPhone/iPad editions of the game are absolutely identical. But if you own both kinds of devices, you’ll have to pay twice for it because there is no universal App available...

But if you’re a sweet foodie and into puzzle games, “Cut the Rope” might be the ideal time waster for you.

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October 2010
App By
Chillingo Ltd / Zeptolab

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