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Monkey Island 2 SE: LeChuck's Revenge

Oh my god! It’s more than 20 years now that LucasArts released this game for the first time and ever since I haven’t seen anything like it. Monkey Island 2 might be one of the best adventure games of all times and for most players it’ll bring back a lot of memories. But the Special Edition returns with brand new graphics and also includes a full talkie version of the original game.

Somewhere Deep In The Caribbean

Guybrush Threepwood, budding pirate and wannabe womanizer, has just barely escaped his arch enemy, zombie pirate LeChuck. For unknown reasons he’s stranded somewhere deep in the Caribbean at a place named “Scabb Island”. His current quest is the hunt for the mysterious treasure of “Big Whoop”.

But that’s still a long journey, because right now every living soul on the island is grounded. Largo LaGrande, by profession the right hand of zombie pirate LeChuck, put some kind of embargo on the island. So the first task would be getting rid of the bully LaGrande and then start investigating the whereabouts of Big Whoop on the surrounding chain of islands. Soon he’ll “reunite” with some old friends (and old enemies as well) but will also make new friends (and new enemies as well).

And of course, in the process of revealing the shocking secrets of the treasure Big Whoop, he’ll also just get on everyone’s nerves – a lot. But the ultimate challenge will definitely be reconquering the heart of Governor Elaine Marley, the love of his life.

Revitalizing The Genre

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge is a classic point-and-click adventure game. An adventure basically is an interactive storybook in which it is your job to disclose the mysteries and solve tons of little riddles and puzzles. Actually this is one of the games that initially defined the genre, but luckily its unique story is completely timeless.

You’ll steer the protagonist through lots of scenes and locations, pick up items, carry them around and use them at other places. Eventually you’ll chat and interact with other characters in the game, like running errands for them so they’ll be well-disposed towards you and maybe help you out with something else. And yes, that means listening to a few dialogs and also concentrating on a few nifty little details hidden in a hilarious conversation. But since every single line of text in the game is read to you by professional voice actors, this really should not be a problem at all.

Special Edition Features

As a special bonus, many scenes include audio commentary from the original makers of the game. And by flicking the screen with two fingers, the game will instantly switch to retro mode, using the genuine graphics of the original game release. Unfortunately the point-and-touch feature of the new game engine won’t work in this mode, so you’ll have to drag the cursor around before triggering any actions. Therefore playing the game in this mode only will definitely be a little annoying in the long run.

If you like the genre, or if you’re into smart games that require a little brain power, you definitely should give it a try, even if you already played it all through – 20 years ago. The dialogs are (still) killingly funny and the touchy flair of the iPad makes it a unique state-of-the-art experience.

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August 2010
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