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Monsters in my Bathtub...


The Ogs are loose... but what the hell is an Og... what's its purpose... and what is its motivation. Let's see if we can find out. The game is currently given away for free, so right now, there is no harm done.

How To Play?

Tapping the Ogs' app icon on spring board will immediately take you to the game table. No menu, no options, no intro, no rules. Well.
Ogs is a two-players-only game, which is intended to be a board game with "pieces magically moving". The game board actually is a big pool of water, divided in two halfs by a dashed line, displaying two bars of monster icons on the left and the right side of the screen. These monsters can be selected and then be placed in the water somewhere near your own shore.

Some of the monsters swim from left to right, some from top to bottom and some of them move diagonally. Few of them shoot, others do nothing... at all. If one of the moving monsters hits the opponents shore, the player's energy bar will be decreased.

From time to time a green ring will appear on the screen. If you tap any of these, your energy bar will be increased again. As soon as one of your ogs touches an obstacle, it'll turn around and actually start working against you. Great.


Well that's pretty much it. The graphics are not very exciting and the overall look is quite blurry. Maybe for some kids the fun will last for more than two minutes, but then there's still the fact that the game actually lacks a proper explanation of how the hell this game is supposed to work...

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October 2010
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Philipp Lenssen

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