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The Zombies ate your Brains!

Plants vs. Zombies

There’s a brain-driven mayhem coming right to your neighbourhood. The undead are teaming up, dragging their rotting bodies towards your sacred home. Try to take them on - if you got the guts.

Necrophobic Warfare

Well, yes it’s an unusual task keeping zombies away from your doormat and you might say: “over my dead body”, but believe me, it can be so much fun! The rules are simple: from time to time a zombie will appear on the right side of the screen and try to approach your house on the left side. And the zombie’s only goal is... maybe you already guessed it... your BRAINS!

Luckily your plants, being equipped with state-of-the-art zombie defence endowments, are coming to the rescue. All you have to do is planting them right in the way of these zombies and you’ll start your very own necrophobic warfare. But your plants are demanding: they need plenty of sun to flourish, which makes sun the ultimate resource in this game. But don’t panic, it’s all dropping right out of the sky...

Flora vs. Afterlife

There are all kinds of plants: sunflowers to recharge your energy reserve, pea shooters to take out marauding corpses and nuclear corn cobs to blast a whole bunch of zombies at a time. Of course it has all kinds of zombies as well: from default feet-dragging brain suckers, via grave-grooving disco zombies bringing their personal entourage, through to zombified ex-football heroes or the official zombie bob sliding team.

After a while the zombie frequency will increase and they’ll start showing up in groups. Finally multiple waves of zombie scum will hit your front yard and try to overrun the green barriers. But with the right seeding strategy, this should not be a problem at all. A stage is completed as soon as all waves of zombies are fought back and the siege is over – momentarily.

In every level a new type of plant and/or zombie will be introduced, so the personal challenge will always continue. And just when you think you’re in control, night will fall and herald your very own dawn of the dead. And since this is not enough, your manic neighbour Crazy Dave keeps showing up with some nutty assignments. Additionally, some diversified mini games will be interspersed.

Neverending Gory

But wait! There’s more! Throughout your journey in adventure mode, the scenery will shift to your backyard, where some floating corpses will emerge from the swimming pool. After lots of hours you’ll have to prepare for the ultimate showdown... the last array of zombies will storm your rooftop.
And when this is all over... the next dimension of zombie madness is just about to break through. Having completed “Adventure” mode, the “Quick Play” mode will be unlocked. In this mode you can replay all previous levels on demand and you’ll also have a brand new set of challenging mini games.
If this is not enough for you, maybe you’ll like to work on gaining the many achievements by fulfilling some of the hilarious special tasks.


“Plants vs. Zombies” definitely is one the best iPad/iPhone games on the market right now. It’s never too hard, never too easy and never getting boring. There’s always more to discover and it’ll never hurt to replay a level you already mastered before... you might even meet the yeti zombie.

Watching the lovely graphics and beating the rotten remains is even more fun with the HD version, available only for iPad. No matter if you just have a few minutes to waste or if you want to be busy for the whole afternoon: if you like games and if you like your iPad, you’ll have to get this game! Now!

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October 2010
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PopCap Games, Inc.

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