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The Tribble Ripple Effect


What to do if a gaggle of dandelion seeds besieges your screen? Without knowing where they’re coming from and who really puffed the blowball, you’re first impulse might be: destruction.
And yes, you’re right, these spores are quite instable and in order to make progress in this game, you actually have to get rid of those fluffy pom-poms.

Popping the Pom-Pom

A splode is, as just paraphrased in several ways, a hairy cuddly something with a face and no other purpose but bustling about your display. When touched they perish in a sudden and exhaustive combustion. But as if this was not enough, they also “infect” the surrounding splodes, causing those to also pop and explode.

Little by little the wave of destruction spreads and creates a full-grown ripple effect. Ideally the wave should reach every single splode on the screen. And that’s it.

Challenge vs. Score

There are two ways for you to approach the splode massacre: “Challenge Mode” and “Score Attack” Mode.

In Challenge Mode, you’re allowed to pop one single splode and hope that it’ll sweep all the other splodes away. This might work in the first levels, when there’s only a handful of splodes, but if the whole screen is stuffed with these happy little rascals, it’s nearly impossible to apply some kind of strategy to reach all of them. So mostly it’s pure luck to complete a level and it really doesn’t require any special skills.

The Score Attack Mode on the other hand permits to pop up to five splodes. If you’re able to delete a certain amount of splodes in a single wave, you can earn fresh “magic bean sprouts”, which let you cause more chain reactions. And since more and more splodes will appear after every popping, you really should meet the requirements to gain new bean sprouts (because otherwise you won’t last for very long).

Final Speech

Well sadly, there’s nothing more to be said. There won’t be any surprises. No extras and no secrets (but maybe I just didn’t get it). Plus, the music will become very annoying after a few levels...

Another strange fact is that while playing, there seems to be no other way to return to the menu but by closing the app and restarting it (or losing the game on purpose).
I’d say the features are quite limited for a paid game. But see for yourself, if you dare to.

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November 2010
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Escalation Studios LLC

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