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The Kinetic Multitouch Particle Visualizer


It's been since the early nineties that people would get all excited over psychedelic computer graphics and actually enjoy those amazing random pixel patterns.
Well, surely these days are over, but the iPad’s multitouch display adds a whole new dimension of interactivity to this stuff and might temporarily revive the whole genre.

The Riot of Colors

Basically uzu will fill your screen with a bunch of colored particles. By touching the “canvas” with your fingers, you can then generate different kinds of virtual “force fields” which will each have a specific influence to the particles’ kinetic behavior.
Depending on how much fingers you apply and their position on the screen, the pixel streams will start to explode, implode, dance around or morph in various other ways.

Special Features

By double tapping a corner of the display, you can bring up a tool bar which will allow you adjust some of the particle's parameters like speed, size, count or colors.
In addition you can set the screen to freeze as soon as the fingers are removed or toggle the autoplay mode.
If you own a VGA adapter, you might want to try playing with uzu on your TV.


There is really not much to say about uzu. It’s a very innovative use of the iPad’s multitouch features and it has already been imitated by various other Apps (of course).
But nevertheless it is very fascinating to play with the pixel flood and it feels great to be the master of these floating lines... at least for a while.

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September 2010
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Jason K Smith

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